VirtualLight #1 ~ Barbara is Back! ~ January 2013

Barbara’s back (it’s been 7 months!)
12-12-12 celebration was fabulous
We all went through a portal on the 21st
Barbara reads a message from Jeff and Linda thanking everyone, especially the great Lightworker crew, for 12-12-12
Drumming and dancing provided a good balance to the event.
Drumming activation was powerful. Steve was able to drum and talk at the same time (but not chew bubble gum) with the help of Elrah and the Timekeeper.
Steve discusses what happened to the children in Connecticut. Pay attention to the sacrifice the children made.
Wayne Peterson is not here this time because of a date mix-up. There are 4 segments this time, and no guests.
The Timekeeper wanted to appear at 12-12-12 to drop his finger.