VirtualLight #1 ~ Steve and Barbara Rother and Pepper Lewis ~ Jan 29, 2011

• James Twyman joining Rothers and Pepper at 11/11/11 in Scottsdale. Registration just opened. Limited seating. Available on line.

/>• Announcements

o Over 1,000,000 views on YouTube Channel

o 15th Anniversary of first Group Message

o Difficult to send long messages due to growth of email (i.e. spammers, tags, black listing, etc). Beacons of Light will include Steve’s recap and link to group info on website. One click on computer to print.

• Meg, Greg and Sanne presented Steve for his birthday with a deck of cards –15 years of Beacons of Light favorite sayings. Not in production yet.

• Difficulty qualifying as a Non-profit last year according to IRS because not enough donations. Seminars moving to a For-Profit, Espavo, LLC “Paths To Empowerment” will be on websites.

• Son Austin now working with Lightworker and Paths to Empowerment. Emphasis on Social Media.