VirtualLight #1 ~ Steve and Barbara Rother with CJ Carl ~ July 30, 2011

Steve talks about online courses on channeling and life lessons

Light Master series soon ending

LightMaster 2011-2012 Level 1 course starting

$200 certificates available for LightMaster course (contact Meg)

3-day course “Step Up”. Learn about the contracts you made before coming to earth presented in Elspeet Holland September 1,2 & 3.

Barbara shares a testimonial about the Spiritual Communication course on channeling just completed in the Evolution Center.

Steve and Barbara comment on tragedy in Norway.

Lightworker Spirit Response Team has been started on the website. Contact Steve if you want to be part of organizing this effort to start a Spirit Response Team.

CJ Carl: Talks about savoring life rather than consuming it.

Steve talks about Multi-Dimensionality seminar coming up August 5th free of charge in the Evolution Center Family Room.

A Survey will be put up on the website soon. All are encouraged to help us by participating in the survey. Steve gives a synopsis of today’s broadcast. They will be speaking about how to benefit from the earth changes rather than just going into survival mode.