VirtualLight #1 Steve & Barbara Rother with Cliff Johnson ~ Feb 26, 2011

– A lot going on on the planet—voices being heard, a lot of changes, eg. Libya, Egypt, and spreading
– Becoming new humans every day

– Waves of HUMAN energy, not due to alignment with stars or anything else (10-10-10, 11-11-11, 12-12-12).

– Write in comments—Austin will put on website.

– Just back from Belgium

– Becoming more interactive on Evolution Center—Chat rooms, etc., a spot to answer more questions

– March 9 & 10—relationship tools seminar online, “How can we have specific tools to anchor and communicate better in a relationship with a single person, focused on love relationships.”

– March 29 & 30: relationship seminar simultaneously translated into Russian

– Cliff Johnson on Skype:

o Previous: anti-aging & super health

o Zen Gyro wristband: silicone band with 3 Mylar discs etched with 3-dimension flower of life. Act as antenna to attract energies—protection and balance, some results with pain

o Lypo Speric: Nutritional Supplements Higher absorption rates without having to use IV

o Website: Sharing info between people

TA65—reverse aging. Interesting results after 1st month of testing.