VirtualLight #1 Welcome Home with Steve and Barbara Rother – August 2009

Steve explained that the broadcast equipment failed the night before and they were working with alternate equipment.

/>Steve talked about the opening in the energy and the Technology Drop on July 21 & 22.

Steve and Barbara talked about last months message: Pineal Crystals.

Questions from the Web Site: Several Questions were answered about The

Technology Drop on July 21 & 22 2009. Steve gave the overview of the events that happened on these dates.

Question/Comment: Is it possible to open multidimensional travel and telepathic communication with the Pineal Crystals activated? Steve gave a really good overview of these events and the effects on our lives.

Question/Comment: Did the group talk about Jupiter becoming Earths second sun?

Question/Comment: Why do I feel I am not good enough? Where does it come from and what can I do?

Barbara talked about the Sexual Energy Activation in Big Bear Lake 090909.

Steve told more about the Medulla Pineal Activation facilitator training to be held in August in Las Vegas.