VirtualLight #1 Welcome Home with Steve and Barbara Rother, Charmaines Corner and Janees book review – Feb 2009

Steve and Barbara Rother welcome everyone back into the VirtualLight family room.

Steve mentioned the problems with the broadcast

They talked about the Spiritual Communication seminar in Las Vegas that ended just prior to the broadcast. Steve also talked about the channeling exercises on “” under the Light Activities under Mastery Empowerment Groups.

Steve and Barbara Rother talk about how we could react to the ecomony.

Charmaine’s Corner “Angels Unveiled”
A dear friend, Montana Black, who is a beautiful artist, inspired me. She channels the information through each painting. Each picture revealed information to me about who you are.
It is time for all the angels to step up and unveil. No longer do you need to hide through hope or fear. Open up your wings as you soar into the depths of your truth. More will be revealed to you. The integration of your emotions and feelings, as human and soul, within the dimensional existence will magnetize to you.
Embrace what you have been awakened to which as the angel of love. Take the moment now to open up your heart and the passion you so desire to share with others. Begin with you and unveil all that exists within you dear angels.

Janee does the book review on “Rays of the Dawn” by Dr Thirman Fleet.

Steve give a lightworker tip. Check you energy after every interaction.