VirtualLight #1 Welcome Home with Steve and Barbara Rother Dec 2008

Steve and Barbara Rother welcome everyone back into the VirtualLight family room.

They talked about the recent seminars and Metaphysician Ordination in Holland just prior to the broadcast.

Steve and Barbara recapped last months channel “Afraid of the Dark” on the group’s perspective of fear and darkness. They also spoke about the most recent channels that will be out soon.

Steve and Barbara talk about the heightened emotions that are being reported all over the globe as a sign of the re-wire in progress. They share their own experiences along with the groups’ perspective.

They talked about current events and the election as it was seen in other parts of the world.

Charmaine announced the SECRET SANTA program for this year. We are a little late in getting started but this year there are two overlooked and underfunded programs where we can make our donations go a very long way. See the front pate of for details.

Charmaines’ Corner: “The Moment of Love”