VirtualLight #1 Welcome Home with Steve and Barbara Rother Jan 2009

Steve and Barbara Rother welcome everyone back into the VirtualLight family room.

They talked about the recent seminars and Metaphysician Ordination in Moscow, Russia just prior to the broadcast.

Steve told about the contact forms at Lightworker not working properly. We have found the problem but did not receive comments or questions since Nov 6th.

Steve and Barbara recapped last months channel Falling in Love. They spoke about the use of Deep Contact, what it is and how to begin to use it now. What it is like to fall in love with the people around you on a daily basis. They talked about the confusion it will cause as this part of the veil is being removed.

They also spoke about the most recent channel presented during the open evening in Moscow which was about the next two to three years. They called it the years of miracles.