VirtualLight #1 Welcome Home with Steve and Barbara Rother – June 2009

Steve and Barbara Rother welcome everyone back into the VirtualLight family room.

Both Steve and Barbara commented on how high the energy was for this broadcast. Something is up and we cant wait to see.


They spoke about the recent Sexual Energy Seminar in the Netherlands at the beginning of May. The seminar was a huge success with the Lightworker family there but also pulled from several countries. Spiritual Family really came together here and it was awesome! Lightworker has recently taken the first steps toward a larger dream by forming the first legal non-profit foundation. Stichting Lightworker will be used primarily to host the Lightworker seminars. We choose the form of Stichting (foundation) as it is the best form for us to expand Lightworker as a conscious corporation. This is the first step in a much larger vision.


May 9th we presented the Crystal Activation. This one day seminar concludes with a 30 minute open eye journey to activate the crystal energy within each of us. We have not been to Israel for 5 years and it was really good to return. They welcomed us back with open arms in a sold out hall. We have plans to return with the OverLight trainings beginning with Spiritual Psychology in 2011.


Barbara talked about the Phantom Death she recently experienced. Food poising between Holland and Israel set it in motion. She wrote about it in her Connecting the Hearts series in the Beacons of Light recently. Here she explained more of her experience and the effects afterward and thanked everyone for their wonderful comments and concern for her. Thanks everyone for your e-mails.

Steve explained the direction that Lightworker is moving with a new program. Soon we will announce Lightworker Productions. We will soon make Video promotional packages available for healers and teachers. They can be used on your web site, you tube and much more! Watch for the official announcement of Lightworker Productions.


We only had time for one question. This one was about Barack Obama not being in integrity and not keeping his promises and about him being an Indigo.


Danielle told the story of Hunter, a 10 year old client who came to her with anxiety. She told how she had to go to his school and experience it first hand and the strange things she saw. Their reaction tells the whole story.