VirtualLight #1 Welcome Home with Steve and Barbara Rother – May 2009

Steve and Barbara Rother welcome everyone back into the VirtualLight family room. 

They talked about their recent trip to Big Bear Lake and how Steve has been restricted from the mountains until recently with altitude sickness.

Steve recaps last months message about Conscious Corporations (April 2009) and explained the message in greater detail and talked about some of the comments that followed.

Barbara and Steve talked in detail about the 090909 in Big Bear Lake Calif. They talked about the speakers who have confirmed and more of the details. They also announced a new web page and the 4 audio messages from Steve & Barbara about the event. The event is dedicated to the Keepers of the Tone (musicians) and jam sessions are planned!

They talked about the Sexual Energy Activation in Elspeet, Holland and the Crystal Activation in Tel Aviv, Israel both in May 2009.

Steve and Barbara answered questions submitted from the web site.

The first one was about race discrimination.