VirtualLight #1 Welcome Home with Steve and Barbara Rother ~ Novembe 2009

Steve and Barbara welcome with joy and laughter on this Halloween day.  Steve shared his Scepter of Self Love.


They have just completed Spiritual Psychology in Las Vegas. The energy was wonderful.  There was so much energy that they took a day to play and went up to a beautiful location at Potosi Pines.

Steve mentioned that the Triality Activation was such a huge success.  He wants to continue implementing more online seminars.

Charmaines Insights

Your roots are going deeper and deeper because your soul is connected to all that exists.  You are stabilizing your force in the future.  You will no longer be easily moved.  You will stand in your truth from your internal truth of who you are with love and strength.  Know that your roots are growing in the time of adversity.