VirtualLight #1 Welcome Home with Steve and Barbara Rother – September 2009

Steve and Barbara welcomes everyone back to the Light.

They talk about their recent trip to Brazil. We will return soon.

Steve talked about a new event that was just released on the web. The first online presentation directly from Steve, Barbara and the group will be presented over 9 days in the first 3 weeks in October. TRIALITY Activation. See the site for details.

Charmaine sends out a kiss to Meg who is Lightworkers International Events Coordinator.

Charmaines Insight Your Fire of Passion

Allow your body to ignite the vibration of light already within you.  It is like taking a breath; the breath of your burning desire that runs deep within.  This desire is an imprint of passion with no doubt, your true essence of love now.  Yes!  You are love.  The passion that is radiant as fire so you can give to others.  Remember, passion and love are the connection to who you are.