VirtualLight #1 Welcome Home with Steve Rother and Sandra Sedgbeer – July 2009

This VirtualLight Broadcast is dedicated to remembering Anna Manning, one of our own staff who gracefully graduated Earth last week. Each commercial break played a re-membrance video with pictures of Anna from our collection. We will miss her.

Steve and Sandra welcome everyone back into the VirtualLight family room. Barbara was getting over the flu and will not be on the broadcast today.

One of the scheduled guests had to cancel at the last minute and it left us with an extra segment to talk about some of the many very important items that are happening on our planet right now. Segment 5 of this broadcast will address some of these.

Steve went through the schedule of events for the next three months and especially about the new Medulla-Pineal Activation August 25 and the Big Bear Lake on 090909.

Sandra asked Steve about the dates of July 21st and July 22nd that the group gave in the Technology Drop message two months ago. She also asked about the general feeling of being stuck that many have written in about. They also went into several other questions that give a great overview of what is taking place right now on planet Earth.