VirtualLight #2 ~ Charmaine Lee and Sonny Carl ~ January 2013

Sonny thanks special guests and everyone here today. He was warned this would be an embarrassing channel for him, but he didn’t talk about being a striper so how embarrassing could it be? He and his wife had big downloads during 12-12-12 and he finally “got it.” Channeled entities are actually aliens or “undocumented aliens.” The world didn’t end but the energy has changed. New tools are available. Humanity is now ready to join galactic community.

Charmaine Lee discussed sacred feminine energies coming in. The expansion at the 12-12-12 was the heart. The feminine energy is ready to ignite. The male and female merging takes it to another level: See the beauty and love in everyone. Take the time to expand. It’s about everyone (including Arielle) creating their own worlds each day. Every day is like a bond fire of hearts making love: sacred feminine and sexy male energy.