VirtualLight #2 ~ Charmaine Lee interviews Samarah Channel for Mother Mary ~ March 26, 2011

* Busy with her teachings and information from Mother Mary
* In 2011 we are literally changing the ground we walk on through energetic shifts! To embody our full divinity the energy has to change.
* Stop with the excuses, grow up and embody who we are. Ask permission, say Yes!
* Time for the feminine face of God…a world of compassion and equality, not power over but power with.
* Use sound to re-wire-part of the new technologies
* We each have a template of Perfection Reawaken-what are we going to do next through compassion?
* Manna Reiki-combination of the divine masculine, divine feminine
* Effortless Creating online modules-year long course
* Listen to your Heart