VirtualLight #2 Janelle Collard interviews Kent Smith – Nov 17, 2012

Founder of Universal Life Strings, Grief Coach and Author of Love Promised.
Experienced out of body experiences as a child, lost boyfriend in 2005 by car accident. After death of boyfriend had paranormal experiences that brought her to a medium. Validated that the communication with boyfriend was real.
Time capsule holding information for next lifetime to open in 2067.
Discussion -Messages from boyfriend about the other side- we can create anything we want. We can have up to 6 parallel lives. We exist on all these parallel universes on the same time.
Reincarnation – when you cross over you bring things like addictions, issues not completed in life follow you.
Boyfriend predicted hurricanes 3 years ago and storm in New York
Discussion of more messages received from boyfriend -Finding the Ark of the Covenant — Holds the DNA of Jesus and during our lifetime the place where the Ark lies will be revealed.
Discussion -We do not die, death is a part of life. Our love ones never leave us.