VirtualLight #2 Mary Suhr Interviews Robert Berman HA’a – June 2009

Upon meeting Robert (HA’a) for the first time you would only need to talk to him long enough to see his smile to truly know his soul. Like a long lost brother HA’a is deeply connected and uses it in everything he does. Besides anyone who goes on stage with a Teddy Bear has to be special! Steve Rother

HA’a was born in Philadelphia, Educated by Nature, while reconnecting with the elements of the earth. Robert is a Shaman Intuitive Life coach who works as a healer in many facets from Sound and Voice Color Healing to his divine love as a vocalist for singing Ethereal opera and Native chanting.

Photographer of the Amazing DVD Sacred Water Displaying incredible images from the spirit world of water. Author of several books ~ He Telepathically communicates with animals and works as a personal tour guide reconnecting us back into nature.

Teachers are those who can take complex ideas or concepts and explain them in ways that make them simple, uncomplicated, and easy to understand. This is the gift that HA’a has to share with the world.

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