• Teacher, Rugby player, Principal, intuitive healer www.petertongue.com

• Many children in schools do not learn in the traditional ways

• Experiences with multi-dimensional kids inspired him to go in a different direction

• Worked with people dying-learned that when you discover what is at the core of the issue, you can deal with it and don’t have to die

• Worked with an alchemist—working with consciousness of the metals

• Assisting a real estate business in NV alchemically transform; modified energies www.myheartcenteredjourney.com

• Working with programs—unworthiness, etc—from childhood

• www.seedingthefuturenow.org –setting up schools to set up for kids today

• Every two weeks—class: Ambassadors of Light Program

• Awakening to Conscious Creation—radio show

• All about our connection to heart, stars, etc. to raise our vibrations of consciousness to a higher level

• Landscape zodiacs, 12 astrological signs are wheel of karma

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