VirtualLight #2 ~ Sandie interviews Story Waters ~ May 2013

“You are God, get over it!”
Channeling the collective consciousness
The unity of consciousness — our biggest barrier is understanding
Our beliefs stop us from growing
We are ‘source’ consciousness
Living Library
Experience that proved ‘You have to put yourself and your own needs first, to do this work’.
When people pay for things, it brings brings them more into what they are paying for.
Being of service, must be a joy, or you are doing a dis-service.
See the world as a playground, not a school that has lessons.
Your gift is you
Don’t teach an idea, have a direct experience.
Don’t have faith in something, have a direct experience.
Channeling experience.
Message to humanity – ‘You chose to be here, stop whining’.
Feel the fear and transform it.