VirtualLight #2 Sandra Interviews Christine Day Feb 2009

Christine Day founder of Amanae and Frequencies of Brilliance. This work was channeled through her 14 years ago in Australia.
Christine speaks more about her experience with Pleadian connection and her awakenings. The connection became her truth as she rejoined the pleadians as the Ambassador of Light. She describes Frequencies of Brilliance initiation to open the energetic doorways to align light with the body. It holds a dimensional alignment as it flows to all aspects of your own light into your cells.

Frequencies of Brilliance unfold barriers of the heart so that the sacred heart can begin to live. You are a part of everything taking back your power. It is a new cutting edge into 4th-5th dimensional work for true healings. It awakens you to your spiritual self. This work is the highest priority as far as the pleadians are concerned for right now.

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