VirtualLight #2 Sandra Interviews Samarah Joy Nov 2008

Samarah Joy Channel for Mother Mary.

I don’t know what made her come into my life that day. I was simply meditating. I had found that in my meditations I could make contract with a variety of angelic beings that would “talk” to me and offer their wisdom and insights about the human journey. I felt a thick bluish cloud of light and a powerful and very large energy in the room. I found myself bowing my head to this powerful presence and asking telepathically, “who are you?”

A sweet clear voice answered, “Many call me Mary.”

“How can I be of service to you,” I asked? She simply replied, “Will you Be with me?” I did not know in that moment what my commitment would mean and yet everything in me simply said, “Yes.” See Sandra’s interview with Samarah here.