VirtualLight #3 Dannion Brinkley Dec. 2008

Dannion Brinkley is an international best selling author. In 1994 Dannion’s first book (with Paul Perry), Saved By The Light became an instant success. It was closely followed by his next best seller, At Peace In The Light, in 1996. He has recently written the third installment of his Light Trilogy drawing from his personal voyage and near-death encounters entitled, The Secrets Of The Light: Spiritual Strategies To Empower Your Life… Here and in the Hereafter (Heart Light Productions). This eloquent and highly inspirational book is an intuitively profound manual focused on spiritual strategies to empower life on both sides of the veil.

“According to the visions I received in the Heavens, the next six to eight years hold many surprises for us all. It is my deepest hope that we will be able to unearth and decipher the hidden power and purpose of all the twists and turns in the spiritual path just ahead. This new millennium holds more power than any other in history. We are all great, powerful, mighty spiritual beings for choosing to be part of this most special time on Earth.”

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