VirtualLight #3 Michael Hartzel – Mar. 2009

Michael is a renowned British psychic, empath, clairvoyant, Teacher and NFHS-Accredited Spiritual Healer. He has been working full time in the Healing Arts field since 1979 when he commenced his training with Britains oldest and most respected healing organization, the National Federation of Spiritual Healers (NFSH).

In May 1996, Michael founded the Bridge to Health, a highly respected and successful Center for Complementary Therapies. See more at

Michaels journey began right after the death of his father when he became very ill. He received a blessing from a healer who later encouraged him to do this work. As a healer he found that he would help people on their journey. It wasnt about curing; it is about giving people free of fear.

Michael encourages that the healing is an exchange of energy. You deserve to be paid. Your time is what someone pays for and the healing is free. The synchronicity is the exchange of energy. We can all heal. Spiritual healing is the working of the Power of Love within the pattern of natural laws. These laws emanate from God. The art of Spiritual Healing is an ancient therapy, which has been used throughout history.

Michael works with numerous children and helps women to get pregnant. He works on cellular memory because the body remembers the pain. He works on releasing the emotional pain. Over the years, he has developed and presented a successful program of workshops and seminars. For further information visit