VirtualLight #3 ~ Steve and Barbara Rother with Charmaine Lee and CJ Carl ~ Dec 18, 2010

• CJ Carl – What do you do to bring joy into your life? We tend to push, push, push and not find any joy. The true spirit of Christmas is fourth dimensional energy. You can’t give joy if you are always being serious. We need to focus on joy and find something joyful every day. Sharing joy can bring us closer to the fourth dimension. Love and joy go hand in hand.

• Charmaine Lee – Shut your eyes and feel the words CJ just said about joy. Feel how it gets warmer and warmer. Open your eyes and see how the feeling of your world has changed. You can blink and change your world too. When things don’t go especially well, blink and change it. Be joy, be love. Enjoy it! We are bringing in something new. As a reminder, look at the children (and your inner child), the innocence of our planet, as a reminder to just BE it. The children will continue to transform our world.

• Steve gave his impressions on what’s going on in the world and what the Group has been saying. There are no more secrets because of the internet. Govt. will try to control the internet, but we are in control. The internet is a step in getting us closer to one another all over the world.

• Barbara shares her feelings when she watches the news and how she feels the pain from the bad news. Says we need to see the dark and the light with everything.