VirtualLight #3 ~ Steve & Barbara Rother with Meg & Greg Gour ~ January 2013

Meg, Greg, and Griffin are introduced via Skype. Meg talks about how powerful 12-12-12 was for her Living with intent to expand is a powerful place, particularly with the New Year. Make every day magical.

Steve gives two-minute readings.

Q: With the new energies what is most important thing to know?
A: Our relationship to time is changing. More approximate than specific. Also, we’re all beginning to channel in our daily lives: stop and ask. Balance it with heart energy.
Q: Repetition of number in life
A: The way spirit catches our attention: A kiss from an angel. Experience it, don’t try to understand it.

Austin’s video of 12-12-12 pictures is shown.
Barbara’s goal was getting to 12-12-12. Since then it’s been like a switch flipped in her energy and healing.