VirtualLight #4 Charmaines Corner and Danielle Garcia – Mar 2009

Love Is Dimensional

What are your dimensional doors? What memories does it bring up as you connect to love? Love is the opening to dimensional planes. The planes beyond emotions, feelings and thoughts as you unite to self.

When a dimensional connection occurs with another soul, your soul shifts to enter other planes within your existence. You become a reflection of each other. It allows you to be whatever or whomever you wish. Hope, joy, happiness is evident as human sensuality exposes your love with self, which is a dimension of passion.

This connection through love is a multi-dimensional soul relationship. Open your eyes to grasp this essence as you live life thoroughly. Be the dimensional thrill within the planes of Love.

In The Moment Of Now

Danielle shared her experience of being in the moment of now. Sometimes we get out of the moment of now and some of things we take for granted such as taking a breath. We overlook being in the moment of now.

Danielle found through her traumatic life experience she does have a choice in the moment of now. This choice opened up her incredible ability to heal. She began by opening her heart and experience love at all levels. We are here to figure out what makes us happy.

Her children have been her best teachers. She finds the moment with each one of them. Sharing the experience with them because they are examples. They recover quickly and allow their feelings to flow through naturally.

We can choose to create what we experience.

Q& A reference New Birth in 2010 and what will culminate in 2012.