VirtualLight #4 Charmaines Corner, Danielles Angel Blessings and Jens Kids ~ Oct 2009

Charmaines Insight:

Vibrational Truth

Whatever you are going through today, it is absolutely perfectly imperfect as you connect to one another through many dimensional vibrations.

You are all taking action to move within a flow you have each created together.

Having clarity of what you want and passionate of the truth you desire is what you will attract.

Danielles Angel Blessing

Danielle shares with us her wisdom from the multidimensional realm.

Jens Kids

Jennifer Pike PhD talks about the kids and the overview of what they are looking for and what they feel like. Jennifer has opened a new section of Lightworker where kids or parents can ask questions. Soon other authors and experts will be invited to participate in this section of Lightworker. All questions will be personally answered by Jennifer and some of the questions may be used anonymously to be shared on the VirtualLight broadcast.