VirtualLight #4 Commonalities Segment & Danielles Angel Blessings ~ Sept 2009

Dr. Richard Jelusich, Michael J Tamura, Tony Stubbs and Steve and Barbara all join on the stage for the commonalities segment where they find similarities in the work they all do. They also share what is ahead for all of them.

Danielles Angel Blessing

In this episode Danielle takes a look at the future. With us all becoming multidimensional Danielle is the first to see the potential problems that face us as we awaken to these new dimensions. She says soon some doctor somewhere will name this create a drug to counter act the effects. Before that could happen Danielle has taken this opportunity to name the new condition that may face all of us eventually.

M3D MultiDimensional Distress Disorder

is a multidimensional condition which includes heart palpitations, spots in the corner of your eyes, headaches, depression and more. Danielle tells us all that the easiest way to get past these systems is to learn to allow. What are you allowing inside of you right now?

Jennifers Kids

Jennifer Pike PhD talks about the kids and the overview of what they are looking for and what they feel like. Jennifer has opened a new section of Lightworker where kids or parents can ask questions. Soon other authors and experts will be invited to participate in this section of Lightworker. All questions will be personally answered by Jennifer and some of the questions may be used anonymously to be shared on the VirtualLight broadcast.