VirtualLight #4 Secret Santa, Charmaines Insight, Downloads, and Q & A Dec 2009

Steve’s passion about Lightworker is to get the channels out there. This has been one of his biggest challenges. Michael shares how you can retrieve the MP3 and where to find them.

Secret Santa this year is for homeless teens. The founder of the organization is a human angel herself because she was homeless once at a young age. Charmaine shares the many ways you can participate. The age group effected is 12-18 years old.

Charmaine’s Insight

Be Your Hero

It is time for you to Be Your Hero and recoup what is yours from the inception of your life. A lot of times it is easier to look externally for the answers. The mind games do not stop as you gather the information. Your knowledge is increased to where you take your belief systems and integrate them creating a balance in your life.

Steve and Barbara end segment 4 by opening the Q & A in segment 5 by answering one of the questions submitted. How does one handle life when she is one way and act like another?