VirtualLight #4 Steve and Barbara with Charmaine Lee and CJ ~ June 25, 2011

CJ Carl:

Those things that are most powerful with us are not always new things. We all have something called “destination disease” meaning we are looking for the destination or outcome, but we forget about life right now. Every day, do something to make your life a little better. If you wait for the destination, it is too late. The little things are the full measure of who you are, what you are, and who you are about. Life is not about waiting for what will happen after the storm, it’s about dancing in the rain.

Charmaine Lee @

Every second is about evolving during each moment. What are we creating now? How do we expand who we are? Where are we going if we are not expanding now? Be the best that you can be through the eyes and energy of love. Sometimes we lose sight of who we are and how we are expanding right now. Being bombarded with challenges is a part of our process. I am love and I want to expand in the world I live in and through you.

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