VirtualLight #4 ~ Steve and Barbara with Shards of Light — Pepper Lewis ~ Dec 18, 2010

• Pepper Lewis will be conducting Shards of Light hereafter. Each month she will bring on new guests.

/>• Pepper Lewis from home doing the happy dance! There are 3 versions of the internet. Govt. version, for cell phones and social networking (coming), and the typical one we know now. Pepper shares what she sees for 2011. It will be a quick switch from one lane/thought to another. It will be easier to move into new ways or jobs. We may feel we need to make drastic changes and need to trust our feelings.

• Mary Kennedy – Works with crystal bowls, and sound. Coming to us from San Diego. Mary — Joy is contagious. Her joyful time as a child was spent sitting on a swing surrounded by nature and singing. We can find simple ways of feeling joy, like playing an instrument.

• Deb Delissy — works with symbols (soon 3D and holographic) and how they affect us. Deb — Synchronistic symbols — assists in making life choices (like a sign that says “Just do it!”). Sacred geometry symbols.

• Pepper Lewis – December 21, Winter Solstice. She stated that the best time to hope and dream. She considers this day as the beginning of her new year instead of Jan. 1st.

NOTE: Will bring on Mary and Deb on NEXT MONTHS show due to problems with Skype.