VirtualLight #4 ~ Steve & Barbara Rother, Charmaine Lee, CJ Carl, ~ Jan 29, 2011

CJ Carl: The Rising Tide of Consciousness—how can I fit in with ascension? Cork lifts with water level unless tethered. Chain represents attachments we are to release. Release! You are at choice to rise or hold on to the past.

Charmaine Lee: Know My Heart. Know My Reflection. Know I am Love. How do I emanate this? We each have a purpose, a word to pass on to each child. The children will take this forward. My reality is how I love. Charmaine’s channeled poem.


The Group gave him everything this morning. Sometimes what comes through channel is not what is presented due to humanness.

What happened last month (Segment 6 of December 2010)…why he stopped and started the channel. The New Body Electric is evolving (20~50 years), less moisture in our bodies, more crystalline requiring electrical system in the body to change. Physically the past year electrical changes have been crazy.

Physical changes will be happening. We are having a different effect on the world around us. Take responsibility. The Group is pushing us to blend more and more with other speakers, other energies.