VirtualLight #4 ~ Steve & Barbara Rother, CJ Carl, and Charmaine Lee ~ March 26, 2011

Surprise appearance of Christine Day-Pleiadians brought in new level of healing work: Pleiadian Lightworker Academy-Language of Light an online program-more information at

Charmaine Lee talked about “How do I become more intimate with you?”

-Intimate means knowing who I am, where I am going, what is in me.

-How do we bring this planet into peace joy and love?

-Fall in love with the person you see across from you.

-How do I see? It’s about our intimacy together.

-Communicate through your heart and let your intimacy shine through.

-We get to all share falling in love with our planet, each other and ourselves.

CJ Carl talked about shifting perspectives.

-It’s time to start living from inside out. An illusion of this reality is that we are separate and in this body in this world.

-We are one perspective of the energy of who we are.

-We encompass a galactic body-our true selves.

Steve Rother stated that we are getting to the point of walking in harmony, walking in Grace. We each reach different people by saying the same thing in different ways.

-Building a team called Spirit Response-to respond to global emergencies