VirtualLight #4 ~ Steve & Barbara with Pepper Lewis via Skype, Charmaine and CJ ~ Nov 26, 2011

Pepper — Coming to us from Mt. Shasta. When are you really “Full”? Only when you are truly empty, will you know what it is like to be full. Discussed channeling ETs and how very different the energy affects her. Has event in San Diego coming up. for info.
CJ — 1st, Who are we? Really! Take the time to look at who you really are, so you can grow “you”. 2nd, Who do you want to be? When you choose that, you can set your goals. You need to know what you have to work with to reach where you are going. Paint-by-Number doesn’t work for individual growth.
Charmaine Lee — Touch and share! Be that human angel! Realize the joy you have created. Black Friday experience was a dimensional opening of living now with laughter. Don’t worry, BE in the moment; enjoy it! Everything else will fall away. When you are in love and joy, it affects all those around you. What you create here, now, affects all the dimensions.
Q & A: Why do we feel we need to please others to survive? Here and now, it’s all about passion. Please yourself, find your happiness.