VirtualLight #5 ~ 2 minute readings ~June 2010

Charmaine’s Insight

Veil of Forgetfulness

Keep up the pace in these times of change. We are manifesting our spiritual self before our physical body by playing this out to the end. Your reality of your core existence is being peeled away from the thoughts and emotions that hide the truth.

Each time you change your frequency of patterns you will see more clearly with your own eyes as you connect. Find ways to re-script your world by creating a web of life.

E- Factor

Meg discussed the campaign to get Steve & Barbara Rother on to Ellen show. Write in to Ellen at and click the tab on the top “Be on the Show.”

Take a look at the audience who were there to support the E-Factor.

Challenge: Make it fun, playful, from the heart and send a letter or video to Ellen. If you get picked, Lightworker will fly you out to Ellen’s show.

2-minute readings

Steve & The group did a reading with a creative young man in the audience. Clarity and direction was given for him to build something magical in his life. Music may be one way to expand this creativity.

Jim Hallock who is one of our Virtual Light Broadcast volunteer.