VirtualLight #5 ~ 2-minute readings with Steve and Barbara ~ March 31, 2012

• Woman wants to get back into the healing field and is 65 years old. How can she decide which of the modalities she knows to start working with. Her strength is in healing with words.
• Woman on phone:
Woman’s deceased mother’s energy is around her. You must be in the process of making some changes that fulfill things your mother wants for you. She is really proud of you.
• Young girl struggles with health issues. When you stress yourself regularly it throws you out of balance. You have chronic reversed polarity. You have a level of creativity that you’ve been hiding. Let it out.
• Young woman feels ready to go forward with her life’s purpose and feels she needs support in doing so. Your talent is with children. Step in the direction of your passion and it will all come your way. Talk about what you are doing, with others.