VirtualLight #5 ~ Q & A and 2-minute readings with Steve ~ June 30, 2012

Steve talks about scientific advances concerning the human genome. All tube toruses are nested inside other tube toruses. Changes with the Boy Scouts of America organization. Our evolving consciousness. It’s moving at an incredible rate.
Woman’s physical alignment is adjusting. Negatives are being cleared. Health issues are a part of that clearing. Beware of your own judgment.
Woman from British Columbia — She was a teacher in other existences, planting seeds this time. New project is coming that she will ground with her teaching aspect.
Man who came into a different family than he had originally chosen. The timing of his coming here was extremely critical and that’s why he came to this family. You have an ability to work with people and give them confidence. You’ve been given a gift and again, the timing is critical.
Man has ability to heal with words. You can help people take huge steps in their lives.