VirtualLight #5 ~ Steve and Barbara – 2-Minute Readings ~ Nov 26, 2011

• Mara from Texas: New things opening up for you. You reach more than you realize. New openings will happen once what you are doing now is complete.
• Anna from Las Vegas: Critical in this lifetime for you to be safe. Touching more people around you than you can ever know. 3big options coming up for you. You’re really good at quietly reflecting the light. You feel you can’t do it, but you can. Anchoring is the key, then watch it grow.
• Gail from Wisconsin: You’ve taught for many lifetimes. You really work well with love. It was a challenge for you but you are mastering it. Gail wants to know which path to focus on. — the one with the most passion. Different paths are briefly described.
• Benny: Scar tissue about Dad is not evident. The hard part for you is to open up and allow others to walk along with you. Early in life, had a near death type experience. You made your decision then to stay here. You have been channeling for a while now. Teach it to the rest.
• Closing comments: We have the ability to create a new world, right now.