VirtualLight #5 ~ Steve and Barbara with Charmaine Lee and Sonny ~ Mar 2013

Story about Charmaine and the pterodactyl

Charmaine Lee: We all are naked! Beautiful naked light. We make our own light with all its colors. This light is what we are. Be the light! We create our own limitations. Be limitless! Be all that you are! It’s time for us to expand and be love.

Sonny: Guidance. True guidance comes from within yourself. Listen to yourself. Don’t give away your power. Inspiration and remembrance comes from teachers. Emotional guidance system explained. Understand ‘You’, your choices, your reasons. What you accept should resonate with your path.

2-minute readings:
Woman did not have a good connection with her father before he passed on. He has been watching her and is proud of her.
Woman wants to know what to do next. The person she thinks she is now, is melting away. She has a message for us all.
Woman in audience. Works with light, always has. Seeking for her flavor of the truth. Whole new level of success is awaiting her.