VirtualLight #5 ~ Steve and Barbara with CJ and Charmaine Lee ~ Jan 28, 2012

CJ Carl: We are used to using 3rd dimensional tools, but they need to be released to move into functioning in the new energy. We need to release our logic because it limits our understanding.
Charmaine: Life is like a GPS. We go for a while and then have to re-calibrate. We think we know what we want and where we are going, but we can become emotionally disconnected. Life happens. We may focus on what is not; this is time to look beyond this and go after the bigger picture. Where is the passion? We need to connect to who we really are and then re-calibrate.
Questions and Answers with Steve and Barbara:
How can I rebuild my marriage after my wife has cheated on me? Find a level of harmony. Trust is the level that has the problem here. Question is: can you rebuild and go on from there? Find the gaps in the relationship and fix those. It has nothing to do with cheating or not. Communication is key!