VirtualLight #5 Steve and Barbara with Pepper Lewis and Shards of Light ~ June 25, 2011

Pablo Morano – (Guest of Pepper Lewis) – From Chile; sharing what is going on in South America with Spiritual life. We are all doing the same things in slightly different ways because of culture. Began channeling 3-4 years ago. Working on something called “the soul explorer.” We are physical form living in the spirit. The integration of physical and spiritual can be difficult. Go to for more information.

Pepper Lewis – philanthropy—people giving of themselves and their time. Not just sending money, but going and creating a way to make something happen. Webcast for 11-11-11 coming soon. This seminar is the beginning of the 11-11-11 event. A lot happening with comets and meteors from deep space being drawn towards earth and bringing messages from ET’s.

Phone Q&A – Received a phone question from Sharon from BC regarding “Step-Up” workshop.