VirtualLight #5 – Steve, Barbara, Cliff Johnson, Pepper Lewis & guests ~ March 26, 2011

* Pepper: Rough few weeks for everyone-was in Germany when earthquake hit, YouTube message from Gaia full of love and compassion. Today we are crossing and erasing boundaries and borders. Klaus Mullen-talented musician/songwriter-song dedicated to Gaia appearance.

* Klaus Mallon – played on the guitar Gaia’s Song “Earth”

* Oliver Hauck-short trailer of movie, The Blue Jewel. Go to

-The movie is about our planet and planetary healers closing the gap.
-Movie brings all the world wisdom together.
-Still shooting the movie, throughout summer. The movie will release between October and December to the cinemas in German, English and Spanish.

* Cliff Johnson shares new technology

-With quantum eeg and new software -brain functions…senses at a much deeper level.
Marti Lipkee-www.neurotherapy vs neurobiofeedback.
-Another thing, Dr. Bart Flick, inventor with many patents; restless leg syndrome device being introduced next week-passive, magnetic device for the ankle with 85% success -Cliff’s web site is