VirtualLight #5 ~ Steve & Barbara Rother with Charmaine Lee ~ Feb 26, 2011

– Charmaine:

o We are not an island; we are connected in so many ways!

o How much can we expand our souls to touch to so many others?

o We are connected to love.

o It is our intention to stay focused on our vision.

o Our illusion is that our story is so unique that we cannot be connected; but we are connected very deeply.

o We are on different pathways doing it differently.

o There is so much more that we can tap into and create.

o Take time to look into the mirror. What do you see? What do you hear? When you look deeper, what do you feel? As you feel deeply, you will see beyond.

o As we unite in 2011, we will anchor in something deeper… even beyond love.

– We all have a message inside us… a piece we brought from home.

– Question and answers:

o A question came from the audience for a general reading. Relax and hold the image.

o Telephone question: To Chris from Indiana: you have been a channel from birth. You have come with a specific message.

o Internet: What is crystalline energy? How does it relate to other energy?

o What does it mean to be conscious? Does it mean to be free from ego? How can we get away from ego?