VirtualLight # 5 ~ Steve & Barbara Rother with Pepper Lewis ~ Jan 29, 2011

Pepper Lewis first started working with Gaia in 1994 shortly after the Northridge earthquake. It changed her life (who she is, what she does, how she lives). It was so big and so vast it hit physically. Gets asked a lot if the Earth is angry with us. NO! It is understood everything we do is part of a natural, normal cycle. Global Warming is not what we have done to the planet. We are not to blame. We are not at fault.

Pepper took over Shards of Light program via Skype. Deb Delissi will be back next month.

• Mary Kennedy, guest, used a real time frequency spectrometer with Tibetan and alchemical crystal bowls yesterday. With real time spectrometer picture is very chaotic as you first strike it but two dominate frequencies arise out of the chaos as the frequencies come into harmonics. (Strike creates chaos in order to shift into harmony.)

• Nov 10-13, 2011, 11/11/11 at Scottsdale Resort. Doing the same thing on a bigger scale with a lot more online. If we expect a miracle, we create it!

• James Twyman, peace troubadour, proving the connection with all of us, and a talented musician. Known each other since the beginning.