VirtualLight #5 ~ Steve with more Shards of Light ~ Dec 17, 2011

Jennifer O’Neill — The shift actually started about 6 months ago. The Mayan calendar is just marking the start of a new era. Starting a new website dedicated to helping people to shift their consciousness into the new vibration. The spiritual side is awakening and there are techniques that can help with that. Many are becoming very aware of the universal energy with aliens and UFO’s. Star energies are coming in to more and more channelers. Her web site is for more information.
Cynthia Sue Larson — Co-authoring a book on 2012. She has a background in physics and is excited about the changes in scientific research. Quantum changes are occurring. Changes are moving from the quantum level into the macro level. It’s more observable now. Our thoughts and feelings change the physical world. We will be able to move more easily between worlds. Dec 2012 will be just a continuation. See her web site at
2-minute Readings:
Heather from Texas — You are a healer. You’ve been channeling since you were 12. A conscious quantum channeling. You will receive opportunities to move forward with this. You have had a phantom death in which you consciously chose to stay.