VirtualLight #6 ~ A New Spin to Earth ~ Beacons of Light — Apr 2010

Beacons of Light ~ Re-minders from Home Apr 2010

From Steve:

This channel showed the group at their best with a very direct channel to the citizens of planet Earth. Normally I would call this one Earth Shattering but I think we will find other words for now.

The spoke of the recent earthquakes and how it has shifted the earth to a new rotational axis that has changed our experience of time and gravitational pull. They said several interesting items that they said our sciences believe in and some they done yet know. It will take us years to uncover all the event s that took place in that series of adjustments.

They spoke of what was ahead for humanity and directly ahead for our economies and especially the US. At one point they warned the leaders of planet Earth of what is ahead.

They likened this a wave of energy coming in rearranging everything in its path. They talked of the sexual energy entering the planet as they described three years ago. This is why everywhere you look in the news there is some sexual incident being uncovered.

They also said the economies of the world will take another hit soon as the US will soon experience great difficulty unless it balances. At one point the group spoke directly to the leaders of the planet warning of the severe effects of polarity thinking. They challenged each of us to search for these beliefs within ourselves and all begin to look for ways we are alike instead of separate.

The ride is less scary if we all hold hands.

Big hugs

Steve Rother