VirtualLight #6 . Beacons of Light Dec 2008 Falling in Love

From Steve:

In this message the group expanded greatly on an idea they introduced a couple of months back. Deep Contact is a new level of communication that has not been commonly available to humans before. When developed, this soul level communication can lead to the experience of Timeless Love which has been a very rare experience up to this point.

As a part of the explanation the group brings up a point they previously addressed; when you see another persons soul you fall in love. In the days ahead of us we will all become more transparent as the veil thins. This will lead to an experience of Deep Contact where two people could fall in love very quickly. It is easy to see the adjustments that will be ahead for all of us if as the group suggested it may be possible to fall in love twice on your way to work in the morning. The main point is that what you are falling in love with is your own reflection in that person. It is the attachments and expectations on relationships along with BS (Belief Systems) that limit what could be an incredible deep, beautiful and non threatening interaction with another soul pretending to be a human. In learning to live with these new attributes it can be said that each of us is learning to fall in love with ourselves.

Have a great holiday. Big hugs to all!