VirtualLight #6 Beacons of Light Jan 2009 Particles of Truth

From Steve:

In this message the group gave us a current overview from three different perspectives. They looked at current events in relationship to the Earths role and the energetic level as well as a perspective from the cosmic level. On the cosmic level they mentioned an event that is taking place now that they say fits into the larger picture quite well. They talked about the particles from what we call solar storms to the seeds of the universe. They also related that there are times when these seeds are now being directly deposited into Earths magnetosphere. They say it is an intentional planting of seeds. You call see the article from NASA that describes what is taking place from a scientific perspective here.

From the energetic perspective they said this was the overlay of the hologram of the third Earth. It is in motion now. Hang on here we go!

Have a great new year!



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January 2009

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The Re-birth of Earth