VirtualLight #6 Beyond Fear Beacons of Light – Sept 2009

From Steve

The group mentioned the activation of the Pineal gland in all humans will lead to a telepathic communication very soon. This will help all of humanity in many ways but may also be met with resistance as the idea of NO MORE SECRETS may be a bit threatening to some.

Right out of the Spiritual Psychology book when they began talking about the Core Personality. Their definition of the Core Personality is the heart of the soul. They say it is the accumulation of all experiences in all lifetimes in all dimensions of each lifetime. Think of it as the most perfected inner you. They said we humans are at the stage right now where we can start to carry more of our own core personality while in the physical body. This means we become more of who we really are inside rather than walk around ruled by circumstances. Barbara and I have seen this happen as brave souls learn to listen to what is in their own hearts. They activate their lives and become on purpose.

The group even said that we Humans are raising the ceiling of evolution (as evolution goes).

There was one main stumbling block with they way things are going. The old motivator is still with us. We like to get scared of our shadow it seems as this message said the main potential stumbling block with humanity will be FEAR. We have come a long with this dealing with fear as humans. Fear has less influence on us today as it ever has as survival is not even the primary motivation of humans any longer. Even so it is still an old familiar way of life for many and when people get scared they step back into old belief systems. They wanted us to know what to watch for in your own clientele and circles of friends. They gave us some illustrations as to what Fear looks like from the perspective of spirit to prepare you.

Then they addressed the Lightworkers on planet Earth. To you Fear is a calling. It is an opportunity to spread Light.

Have a great month.

Steve Rother

The Beacons of Light ~ Re-minders from Home

September 2009

~ Beyond Fear ~

Raising the Evolutionary Ceiling