VirtualLight #6 ~ Earth Wobble ~The Beacons of Light ~ March 26, 2011

The New Wobble
Earths New Vibrational Signature
This message talks about what the group expects to see over the next several months. They told the story about how everything on this side of the veil vibrates and like snowflakes each one of us has a unique signature vibration. They went on to show us how that signature is beginning to change in each of us and the often emotional consequences. They said the real immediate problem is that it leads to self-doubt and when a creator has self-doubt it can impede the path.
They also went on to talk about the recent Earth changes and the tragedies in Japan, New Zealand, Thailand and the Ring of Fire. These they equated to the Mother in Labor. They did say that at this moment there were two more “big ones” expected to make the shift complete. They also pointed out that the Earths tilt has once again changed and that change is actually changing the Earths signature vibration as she enters a new dimension. Same as us.
On a personal note: Our hearts go out to all the participants playing out this set of events in their personal lives as the Earth makes these moves. We send our thoughts, our resources and our love to those who have given us this gift.
Steve Rother